What We Do for Self-Publishing Writers

Concierge Self-Publishing provides personalized service for fiction writers, non-fiction writers and poets who wish to self-publish. If you are confused about the process, just starting your indie career, or frustrated with your current publisher, please reach out to discuss how we can help you. With a varied career and in-depth technical knowledge, Casey Dawes can bring clarity and ease to your book and the process.

She also works with business and technology firms to provide compelling content for any audience.

Below are the self-publishing and content services provided by Concierge Self-Publishing. Please ring for service if you would like to discuss or obtain an estimate for your project.

Content Development

We provide well-written content for business and technology companies who are creating websites, reports, and other forms of communication. We can turn concepts into comprehensible content.

Editing Services

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We provide several different types of editing services. Costs depend on the type of editing you need, the length of your manuscript, and your skill level. We edit using the Chicago Manual of Style.

We work with you to determine what type(s) of editing you need. Much of this depends on the type of book, how much writing you have done in the past, and what your goals are for your book. Types of editing that might be appropriate are:

Developmental Editing

We help you finish and improve your work. Depending on where you are in the writing process, coaching conversations may be included in the project. Our editors provide detailed reasons why we are suggesting a change. These suggestions can range from adding/deleting/changing entire scenes, to suggestions for word usage.

Technical Editing

We can review your technical documents, articles, reports, and books for structure, completeness, and clarity. Too often technicians get wrapped up in the language they use with other engineers, forgetting these terms may not make sense to business people or others unfamiliar with the material. With a long history of explaining engineers to business people and vice versa, Casey is ideally suited to bring your words to the next level.


Once your work is solid enough, we copyedit the piece. This type of editing is what most people want when they talk about needing an editor. The focus is on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but other changes are also suggested to clean up awkward sentences and missing information. Fact checking is also available at this point.



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This is the final pass before publication. The goal is to find any of those last pesky errors that have escaped other people’s review. When this phase is skipped, your readers will find your mistake. We find someone different from the copyeditor to proof your book.

We suggest you add time in your own schedule to take a thorough look at a formatted copy of your manuscript before it goes on sale. The change in format can allow you to spot mistakes you never saw before.



We guide you through the necessary steps you’ll need to follow to put your e-book and print book up for sale.


Our formatting service is basic and ideal for books that are text based, like fiction or non-fiction books without a lot of illustrations, although we have done books with a good number of illustrations. We work with Microsoft Word and not Adobe InDesign. The former is substantially less time-consuming and therefore less expensive than the latter, but there are some limits in flexibility. Cost is dependent on the length and complexity of your manuscript, as well as the number of changes you want to make once the book is formatted.

After you review and approve the formatted manuscript, we will provide you a copy in Word and PDF. We ensure our formatted manuscripts will upload into the most common distributors: Amazon, Draft2Digital, and IngramSpark.

At this time we do not provide .mobi or .epub files.

Metadata Preparation

We can help you write and edit your book description, define categories and keywords, and determine what options (particularly when using Amazon KDP) suit your publication goals the most.  We will also explain how pricing works and your different options for determining the price you want to set for your book.

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Guided Upload

Based on the metadata information you give us, we can upload your book to:

  • Amazon KDP
  • Draft2Digital
  • IngramSpark

We will show you how to access these sites to obtain regular information on sales, and of course, purchase copies of your books for your shelves, and receive your royalties.