Poetry and the Printed Page

In the past year, I’ve edited and formatted a few books of poetry. Poetry isn’t only a set of words, it’s sounds and how it appears when the reader scans it.

That’s when the problem begins.

Most poets I know write on a native Word document, which is set to 8.5 x 11 inches unless otherwise modified. When I set their poems on a 6 x 9 inch page, a lot of times the lines wrap because we’re making a big into a small.

A way to get around this problem is to resize your page while you are editing. To do this …

  • Go to the Page Layout section of Word.
  • Click on the arrow below Size.

  • Click on “More Paper Sizes” at the end of the drop down menu.
  • Change the width and length to the desired sizes.
  • Make sure “Whole Document” appears after “Apply to:”
  • Click OK.

This step will save you a whole lot of aggravation later on!

I’d love to be part of your writing journey in 2019. If you are planning to self-publish, please shoot me an email with any questions you might have about the process or how I can help you.

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