How We Do It

Concierge Self-Publishing provides one-on-one guidance for writers and authors who wish to self-publish or prepare their manuscript for submission to an editor or agent. We develop a deep partnership with you to ensure your final result is first-class and significant. We also spend a great deal of time teaching and answering questions about the self-publishing process, industry, and marketing. As a result, our fees are not the lowest for comparable services.

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Casey Dawes

“I had just about given up on my novel. One publishing house had kept it for two years, then dropped it. Another deliberated for a year about it before I pulled out. Another wanted it but went out of business. My agent disappeared without a word. A new agent asked to read it and I could get a further response from her. I was on the verge of deciding to write my novels and leave them to my children to figure out what to do with them after I had shuffled off the mortal coil.

Then another writer told me about Casey Dawes, writing concierge extraordinaire. I talked to her, and got a sense that she not only knew what she was doing but she enjoyed it. Her rates were reasonable and I signed on for help in getting my poor, beleaguered novel into existence.” Sasha Paulsen, author of Dancing on the Spider’s Web

Our first step is to have a complimentary conversation. Contact us to set up an appointment with Casey Dawes. Casey is a published author, credentialed coach and teacher, with a heavy background in the technical industry and project management.  With her husband, she self-published her first book in 2003.

The discussion will review:

  • Your goals for publication
  • Deadlines you hope to meet and why
  • Your experience
  • How we can best help you

Then we’ll map out a plan for your project, including responsibilities, schedule, and cost.

Throughout your project, we’ll work side by side with you and answer any questions you may have about the process. Our goal is to produce the book you want, make it the best book it can be, and have you gain knowledge throughout the process so you are comfortable with your decisions.

Cover-Dream Transfer And Wander

Format, Cover, and Upload provided by Concierge Self-Publishing.

I found self-publishing to be a most rewarding experience working together with Casey Dawes. I needed the personal touch and expertise which Casey provided in spades. The process calls upon an eye for precise detail, organization and continued reminders: Casey is so very experienced and professional, I never needed to worry on any given step along the publishing journey and am very happy with my published book of poetry. In fact, I’ll be tapping Casey on the shoulder once again to continue our partnership for book number two. She employs a host of professionals to support successful publishing. The fees for her services are very modest and well deserved. Do not hesitate to contact Casey. She is a gem.” ~ Elaine Dugas Shea, author of Dream Transfer and Wander