How to Tune Amazon KDP Knobs to Improve Sales

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If your book has been out for a while, you may have noticed sales are diminishing … or they never got to the point you wanted in the first place. There are four knobs on Amazon KDP you can change that might make a difference.

Category: You are allowed two categories on Amazon. Experiment with changing one to see what happens. Learn more about categories by clicking here.

Tags: Check out the tags you’ve used and search for them on Amazon. Is there a lot of competition? For example, if I search “California Romance,” I find over 10,000 entries, including sponsored ads. Search for “California Wine Romance,” and I get 132 entries. My book, published in 2012, is third in that list. (It’s also my top seller.)

Description: Almost everyone’s description can use some work. Do you have a pithy hook or tag line? Have you taken full advantage of 4,000 characters without rambling all over the place? (Hint: Focus on the main conflict.) Does the first paragraph encourage the browser to read more? Have you used your tags in your description? Study highly ranked books in your category to see if your description measures up.

Price: Like it or not, Amazon has driven down e-book prices, although there is some evidence that is stabilizing. If you have a well-known name or a pre-built audience, you can charge a little more. If not, you have to help people discover you. Play with price–lower it for a few weeks then bring it back up. Change it again and put some social media or advertising behind it. Ironically, if you’re priced too low, raising the price may help.

One more knob …

Cover: Take a good look at it. Does it work well in a thumbnail view? On a phone? Does it support the main narrative of your book? Reflect the style and tone? One of the great aspects of indie publishing is you can improve the cover at any time in the life of the book and give it a boost.

Reviews: Finally, if you have few reviews, get some. Have some? Get more. Amazon has thresholds for reviews and hitting one of those may give you a bump in sales!

Considering a new book before Christmas? Now’s the time to get your editing, formatting, and cover design scheduled!

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