Finishing Your Book

There is a statistic floating around, although I don’t know how reliable it is, that 80% of Americans intend to write a book. Even with the tens of thousands of books that come out a day, very few of that 80% ever finish, or even start.

You have started your book, and that makes you in the minority. The people who finish are a smaller subset. What makes the difference?

Inspiration and perspiration.

Inspiration: Why are you writing your book? Is it to teach? Help others avoid the pitfalls you have? Explain something? Tell a good story? Entertain? Make a financial killing?

The last is the least inspirational objective a person can have for a book. And … it sets a writer up for false expectations. The majority of books sell 500 copies or less. Using the most common e-book price on Amazon ($2.99), that nets you $1046.50 or less. Nice, but not even enough to take your loved one to Hawaii for a nice vacation.

Instead, to get your book done, focus on the inspirational reasons to complete the book. Writing is hard work. Give yourself a solid, spelled-out reason to get it done. Post it near your writing space and look at it often.

Perspiration: Fiction books average between 70,000 and 12,000 words. How many words can you write a day? How many hours can you spend writing a day? How many days a week? Figure your going to do about 60% of that in reality, and you’ll have a schedule that you can meet when things don’t work out the way you expect them to do.

Then, commit. Do it. Do it the next day. And the next. At the end, you will have a book.

That’s what I did with Finding Home. I dedicated myself to producing 1000 words a day, Monday through Friday, and 500 more on Saturday. I gave myself Sunday to catch up.  Now, 1000 words a day may not seem like a lot, but because I have other jobs, I knew I could get it done, and I did.

Finishing a book by the end of the year? Let me know if you need help with writing coaching, editing, or self-publishing your book.

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