Book Samples

Here are samples of books in which Concierge Self-Publishing has had a hand editing, formatting, uploading, and the like. Click on the cover to see links to the books in your favorite online bookstore.

Not only did I discover that Casey was experienced and knowledgeable but she possessed seemingly infinite patience and perhaps most important of all, a sense of humor. When she emailed me while formatting the manuscript that she’d found typos that three copy-editors and three editors had missed, I asked her to proofread the final version; she proved to be as eagle-eyed as she was proficient.

It was a pleasure to work with her, and I came to trust her judgment while navigating the dark, twisting path to publishing. Working with Casey was the game-changer for me. And I am writing another novel.” Sasha Paulsen, author of Dancing on the Spider’s Web.


Ryan-Wrong-Client-CoverCover-Dancing on the Spider's WebCover - Until He Doesn't

Cover - Reflections of a Damaged Child


Taking on Parkinsons Cover


I love the book. It is beautiful and you helped make that happen,” Donna Love, children’s author.

A Halloween Gift children's storyAudubon Cover