About Us

Concierge Self-Publishing is a one-woman firm, part of Casey Dawes LLC.

A teacher at heart, Casey provides services for self-publishing authors, business and technology firms, and writes women’s fiction from her home in Montana. Her background and education are quite varied which allows a unique perspective when working with authors no matter what the genre. She has successfully shepherded diverse books covering subjects such as Parkinson’s Disease, mentoring, firefighting, and social issues; poetry written by the very young and the more mature; fiction ranging from urban stories to romance.

While her career began as a teacher on a Native American reservation in Montana, she went on to work with technology just as the field was expanding. Her field became databases, and one consultant said Casey had “grown up with [IBM’s] DB2.” She traveled the globe troubleshooting database problems and giving presentations on improving performance, as well as becoming the first female president of the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG). She also wrote dozens of articles on DB2 and other technology issues, as well as penning Exploring IBM e-business Software (using the name Casey Young).

After departing IBM, she completed a course at CoachU and became a business and life coach, working with a number of entrepreneurs and small start-ups in Silicon Valley. Necessity forced another move, back to her beloved Montana, where she once again took up the careers she began when she was young: writing and educating.

After working with a small press, Casey turned to self-publishing for her own books and supporting fiction writers, non-ficiton writers, and poets as they realize their writing and publishing dreams with Concierge Self-Publishing. At the same time, she works with business and technology firms to provide development and copy editing, as well as penning compelling content for any audience.