CreateSpace Merge with Amazon KDP

Just in case you thought everything was set — Amazon has started to implement the merger of CreateSpace and Amazon KDP. Details of the CreateSpace merge can be found here:

You may receive a notice from Amazon, or notice a link when you log into CreateSpace. (Apparently, this link comes and goes, so don’t be surprised if that happens.) If you follow their directions, it should work as planned. This doesn’t always happen. The system may hang, or other issues ensue.

In theory, Amazon is rolling out this change so you may not see it for a while.

Please be aware they have not worked out all the kinks in their system. There are still many questions, which hopefully they will address. Adjustments will need to be made.

Now What?

Now is the perfect time to review your overall book strategy. Some questions to review:

Where am I in my self-publishing journey? Still a hobbyist with one or two books every few years? Dedicated self-publisher ready to take it to the next level? Published author that is getting rights to a backlist due to the changing nature of publishing? Each of these requires a different publishing strategy.

Do I want to put everything in Amazon’s hands? Should I consider Draft2Digital, Smashwords, or another ebook publisher? IngramSpark is alternative to CreateSpace, but has issues of its own. Should I check into doing small print runs and hand sell the books or hire a distributor?  Each of these requires investigation, financial and risk analysis, and decisions.

Where is my self-publishing journey going? What do I really need to spend my time doing? Writing? Learning more about marketing? Learning to run my business as a business?

An Opportunity

Amazon has caused a business disruption. These are always great times for entrepreneurs to look at new opportunities instead of doing the same thing.

If you have questions about your next best move, please feel free to contact me after you have consulted the online resources. I’m working my way through what this means, so please be patient.

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